A fireplace is something very special; therefore, you should definitely seek professional advice when buying one. Your best bet is a fireplace shop in your area.



Use our profiler in order to find the fireplace that best suits you: suits your design requirements, your taste, your character.

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Putting a fireplace or stove in the living room has become modern again. Quite understandable since wood heating offers many benefits. Firstly, a real wood fire creates an unequalled atmosphere in your home. Also, the heat from a wood fire can now be wonderfully adapted to your personal needs. There is a large selection of different fireplaces and stoves that offer you different advantages.
Cosy atmosphere of the fire
A fireplace or stove with a large window gives you a clear view of the fire. This allows you to watch the play of flames in all its grandeur and quickly enjoy the pleasant radiated heat released by the wood fire. This is the ideal solution for people who want quick cosy warmth after finishing work and to relax in front of the open fire. In addition to a clear view of the fire, innovative glass ceramic offers you the highest level of safety, protection from flying sparks and from dirt or damage of the floor in front of the fireplace or stove.
Effective warmth around the clock
A wood-fired stove can also be an effective source of heat for your home. A tile or a soapstone stove will give you cosy warmth throughout the day. Thanks to the high heat storage capacity of the materials used, you often only need to put on a tile or soapstone stove once a day. The radiated heat from the stove is released to its surroundings continually for many hours. This type of wood-fire stove will give you wonderful warmth around the clock at little cost. For those who don't want to light up fires themselves, there are the pellet stove models which are fully automatically fired. They offer you the highest level of safety without having to light up the pellets by hand. Also, with a pellet stove you don't have to think about finding a dry place to store your wood. So you can enjoy the fantastic warmth of the fire with an easy mind.
Find your dream fireplace!
Use our fireplace profiler to find exactly which fireplace or stove suits you - according to the structural conditions of your home, your taste and your personality. A fireplace is something very special, therefore, you should definitely seek professional advice when buying one. Your best bet is a fireplace studio in your area. So you can find the best fireplace or stove for your home.