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A water-heating stove will not only release radiated heat directly into the room, but will also heat water for the heating system. A water-heating stove combines many benefits. Firstly, a fireplace, pellet stove or stove can still produce the unique cosy atmosphere that only a real wood-fire can create. If water-heating stoves or water-heating pellet stoves also have a large glass ceramic window, not only can the fascinating show of the open fire be watched, but the large window releases the radiated heat into the room very quickly and efficiently.

Additional heat output reduces energy costs
The distinctive property of a water-heating stove is its additional heat output which, based on the latest technology, reduces the burden on the central heating system and therefore reduces costs. With this technology, a water-heating stove can highly effectively heat more rooms at the same time. The room in which the water-heating stove is installed is also heated, but not over-heated. At the same time, the visible fire spreads its pleasant atmosphere in that room. Many different stove types are now available with an optional water heat exchanger. A water-heating fireplace, pellet stove or stove not only releases cosy radiated heat, but also heats water.
Water-heating stove: contemporary energy matrix
The water is fed into in a buffer storage tank and used to heat the entire house. The storage tanks of water-heating stoves are often also coupled with a solar system and a conventional heat source (such as gas condensing boiler or heat pump) for baseload capacity. In combination with a water-heating stove, this creates a contemporary energy matrix. And between seasons, water-heating stoves can often heat the whole house. Water-heating pellet stoves are also very popular. A pellet stove can be used to heat the whole house as the primary heat source. At the same time, an additional pellet stove installed in the living room and equipped with a large glass ceramic window is a cosy source of heat that quickly releases radiated heat to the room and also provides a clear view of the fire magic. A water-heating pellet stove or stove therefore combines the cosiness of the wood fire with energy efficient heating technology.


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